Keloid Removal

Keloid is a progressively enlarging scar usually associated with itching and is characterized excessive deposition of collagen. Keloids may result from an injury to the skin, an insect bite, acne, skin infection etc.. Keloids may cause contractures or deformities. Malignant transformation of keloid is highly unlikely. There is a genetic predisposition to keloid formation. Individuals with keloids are most likely to have relatives with a similar problem. Other risk factors include: young age (<30 years old), pregnancy, being African American, Asian or Latino.

Keloids have a tendency to recur when treated with surgery alone. It is recommended that a multi-modality treatment be used consisting of surgery to debulk or excise the keloid followed by serial steroid injections (triamcinolone acetonide), silicone gel sheets, compression earrings (for earlobe keloids), 5-fluorouracil, or even radiation therapy.

Dr. Sian’s preferred treatment for earlobe keloid consists of the following: surgical excision of the keloid followed by serial Triamcinolone injections every 4-6 weeks and use of compression earrings worn 24/7. Dr. Sian reserves radiation therapy for individuals whose keloid recurs despite the above treatment regimen.

If you have a keloid and would like to speak to Dr. Sian about your treatment options, please call (559) 797-0501 to schedule an appointment.