Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a consultation fee?

    Yes, the consultation fee is One Hundred Dollars ($100). You get to sit down for a face to face consultation with Dr. Sian during your visit. Dr. Sian will go over your medical history and perform a physical exam to see if you are a reasonable candidate for the procedure you are inquiring about. You will have an opportunity to discuss the risks and benefits of the proposed treatment. Your safety is Dr. Sian’s number one concern. Your consultation fee is credited towards the cost of your surgery if you schedule a procedure within 30 days of your initial visit. If you need to see Dr. Sian for any extra visits, there is no additional charge.

    You may opt for the FREE consultation with one of Dr. Sian’s trained staff. The office staff will discuss with you matters pertinent to the procedure/s you are interested in. Photos of the problem area/s may be taken so that the staff can discuss this with Dr. Sian. After the consultation, the staff member will review your case with Dr. Sian and a treatment plan that best fits your needs will be formulated. The office staff will contact you and give you an estimate of the cost of the procedure/s.

  2. Do you offer any payment plans?

    We do not offer payment plans but we accept CareCredit. CareCredit is a third party healthcare finance-payment plan. You can apply for a line of credit with CareCredit and if you qualify, you can finance the cost of your surgery through them. You can check their website: to see if you are eligible.

  3. Where does Dr. Sian perform his surgeries?

    If your procedure can be done under local anesthesia, Dr. Sian may perform this in the office. For procedures that require IV sedation or General Anesthesia, Dr. Sian prefers to perform these at the hospital (Clovis Community Medical Center).

  4. What are Dr. Sian’s office hours?

    Dr. Sian sees patients on Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:30-11:30am & 1:30-4:00 pm.

  5. What forms of payment are accepted?

    We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, CareCredit or cashier’s checks. A 3% surcharge is added to all credit card/CareCredit payments.
    The following are NOT accepted: Personal checks and Discover card.

  6. What should I bring for my initial consultation?

    Please bring the following: